Hoeg with a new Koa custom, shape similar to a Travis Bean.




Weir playing the Hoeg Strat, 

 first day of the Fare Thee Well Tour.

The Hoeg Strat saw action all 5 nights




 Bob Weir playing his Hoeg guitar

for the first time last winter in St. Louis



"I may shed a tear"

-Jay Trainer




Will Bernard playing his knotty pine Hoeg guitar



Pete S. with his non-reverse thunder bird bass



Rusty Zinn playing the "Hoeganator" resonator guitar.   



Tim Daily with his new 57' copy. 



Ryan McCaffrey of Acacia picks up new Hoeg lapsteel.



Macey rockin' on the mini-Hoeg!


This year, Phil Paone was extra good so he recieved his new

Blue Lightning Bolt just in time for Christmas.      

Ho ho Hoeg! 

I like to put alittle bit of myself in every guitar.




















  Ed Orchant, in town for Bottle Rock,

stopped by to hold his new baby.



Chris Sandell's new Hoeg Black Knife




Glen Goldstein with his new Black Knife. (Nice tan) 




Chris Sandell with a pair of Hoegs.




Jimmy Shannon said, "It is my most valuable possesion."

(Thanks for the cool vibes!) 



Steve Jones' New Mando-Hoeg-Caster!

(double your fun!)



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